ALPHA FOODS vegan burritos 🤤 (philly, pizza, mexicali) | Taste Test and Review for meat lovers

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Today we try Alpha Foods vegan burritos and share our taste test and full review. Our family has been vegan for almost 5 years and we have followed the rise of vegan food companies in the mainstream. Alpha Foods currently carries a wide range of vegan chicken, beef and sausage products.

Watch as we taste test their Philly sandwich, Pizza and MexiCali burrito flavors and give our full review of how they compare to some of our favorite vegan products on the market.

-Our Mission-

Our goal is always to present honest reviews so that you can make an informed decision about the products, companies and restaurants that you may or may not have heard about. The products we feature could serve as transitional vegan food for meat and dairy lovers. We give you choices for vegan meat, fish, cheese & for the dairy and meat eaters any time of year, but especially right now at your summer cookouts and BBQ’s. We recommend that you watch the video all the way through and decide if you’d want to offer our recommendations to anyone who is curious about making small changes as they transition to a plant based diet.

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15 thoughts on “ALPHA FOODS vegan burritos 🤤 (philly, pizza, mexicali) | Taste Test and Review for meat lovers

  1. Omg, hope you enjoy Carmie’s expressions throughout this video, lol! Comment your favorite timestamp of her reaction!! | Buy Alpha Foods vegan products online (save $10 on your order): | Find Alpha Foods products near you: | Request Impossible burger at Mylk Guys: . Hope this helps!

    1. Thank you!! It’s sooo necessary! Even with groups of friends too. It’s nice having different sets of relationships within a group. It keeps things interesting. No one wants to feel like they’re just lumped in with everyone else! Each person deserves to be treated like the individual that they are! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Yes if it ain’t good I will say trust honesty is what you get from me too cause I don’t want you blaming me if it ain’t good lol😉

    1. Exactly! I don’t get what would be the point of pretending you like something! Couldn’t agree more! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Me: I can’t be eating all this processed food.
    Also me: Lemme load up this Mylk Guys cart with Alpha stuff (intentionally not looking at the rest of the site). 🤣
    For real, tho… I’m in hustle mode for the rest of the year, so I don’t have time to cook as much as I’d like. I also need food for on the go. These Alpha reviews are right on time.
    Gardein has a decent pizza pocket. Looking forward to comparing the pizza things from Alpha. Oh, btw, the mylk guys link isn’t working for me. I want to make sure you get any credit that’s due.
    Oh, heeeeeey Carmie! Give us all the energy, girl! 😍

    1. Omg, I feel you on that struggle 😂. I love youuu!! I’ll let Mylk Guys know about the link. Maybe wait a moment for it to load up. In my experience, sometimes it takes about 30 seconds to fully populate the page. Let me know if that works! ❤❤❤

  4. Heyyyy, loved the review! I seem to have the burritos available nearby vs the nuggets. Did you find the burritos to be pricey?

  5. I really appreciate the honesty and integrity of your reviews and Carmie’s expressions were priceless!

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