Iced Coconut Water MATCHA – Vegan Recipe

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An iced Matcha Usucha is always a winner and so simple to make – healthy and refreshing. BUT, why not switch it up by using coconut water? This Matcha recipe is an absolute winner, with that subtle sweet, salty and coconut flavour marrying perfectly with a high-grade ceremonial matcha.

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Blend 2 teaspoons of the highest quality Matcha you can get with 100ml of coconut water.
Shake with ice and filter over some fresh ice.

This makes a perfect drink by itself but can be used as the base for other cocktails.


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5 thoughts on “Iced Coconut Water MATCHA – Vegan Recipe

  1. Can anyone help me with this question: let’s say that the right brew for 2g of tea is 100ml for 1 minute at 80c for the first brew and the second is the same, the tea yields 2 brews… What happens If I want to brew 200ml of tea in one go? Should I double the steeping time?

  2. Just sent in my first order from you guys! I can’t wait to taste the yummy Uji Hikari Matcha, I have coming. It looks so good. Thanks for your hard work!

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