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Candice is back with another “What I Eat in a Day” video. This one features footage from her trip to the Vegan Food and Drink Festival, where she was hosting, as well as the YouTube Fan Festival.

Candice starts out the video by going over the renovations she’s in the middle of completing in the home office of her condo. Both she and James are now working from home and have found their current office situation to be a bit cramped. As you can see from the video it has been a bit of an undertaking. After taking the elevator down to get rid of some unwanted furniture they head back upstairs and install some great looking, and more importantly space saving, shelves. An electrician shows up and finds the problem with the wiring that resulted in the unfortunate fire that happened a few months ago. After wrapping all that up they hit the hay and regroup the next morning for the Vegan Food and Drink Festival.

Saturday morning, bright and early James and Candice arrive at the Toronto Vegan Food and Drink Festival which Candice just happens to be hosting. James is apparently there for moral support and according to Candice is also in charge of getting her food. His first find is Vegan Vindaloo which Candice seems quite pleased with. In case you aren’t familiar with Vindaloo it is an Indian curry dish most popular in the region of Goa but also seen in Konkan and various other parts of India. Apparently it has made it’s way to Toronto as well, no doubt in it’s Anglo-Indian form.

Around noon it starts to rain on the Toronto Vegan Food and Drink Festival putting a bit of a damper on things but everyone seems to soldier through. Candice takes some time to dance in the rain with a pink umbrella while the sound techs wrap their equipment in plastic. She appears to be enjoying a drink of some sort made in a coconut. Her next food conquest happens at 2:20PM and is a vegan brownie made by a company called Karma. Candice refers to her brownie as “the best brownie she has ever had”, which is strong language regarding any brownie. It’s safe to say if you get the opportunity you definitely want to check out the Karma brand brownies.

While Candice was enjoying her amazing brownie James found some top notch Samosas to snack on. During the time they were at the Food and Drink Festival they also had some vegan chicken parmesan and a banana brownie dessert of some sort made by a company called Ipanema Valley.

Unfortunately the rain came back in full force and the rest of the Food and Drink Festival was cancelled. Candice did manage to grab a bag of treats on her way out to share with her friends at the YouTube Fan Festival which was her next destination. On the way there she decides to try one of the cookies from her goodie bag that happened to be s’more flavored and was floored by it’s outstanding flavor.

At 6PM they arrive at the YouTube Fan Festival where Candice wastes no time in sharing her bag of goodies with her friends. After having what appears to be quite the time at the YouTube Fan Festival James and Candice head back home and proceed directly to sleep all day.

Upon waking at 7PM on Sunday both James and Candice find themselves quite hungry. Candice decides to make a “throw everything together” dinner, which we have certainly all done. She scavenges around a bit and finds some marinated vegetables from several days ago she had forgotten about that she decides to roast in the oven. She also finds some kale salad as well as some quinoa salad which she mixes together to form one single larger salad. She and James enjoy their leftovers and Candice wraps up the video by posing a question to the audience.

“What do you think of these Vlog style videos?”

Please take a moment and leave your comments below, based on your feedback she just might make more. Also feel free to leave any other comments you might have about this video and any future content you might like to see.

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